Utopias and seperations on this years Tempo!

A Separation opens Tempo Documentary Festival!

We are honored to announce that A Separation by Karin Ekberg is the opening film for this years festival. A Separation is a honest and tragicomic story about the directors own parents divorce. Karin Ekberg has made a strong debut film that manage to capture the private as well as the universal. A brave documentary with both humor and warmth about the complexities of life.

– Four years ago i did not know that A Separation would be a film. The only thing I wanted was to capture the year that my parents split up from each other after 38 years of marriage. I’m very proud to be opening Tempo Documentary Festival and for the unique chance that this means for the film to reach an audience, says director Karin Ekberg.

Watch the trailer here!

The festival opens the 4th of March!

Utopia is the theme of the festival

The theme at the 15th anniversary of Tempo Documentary Festival is Utopia! Tempo focuses on the utopias and visions of today with a number of films on the subject and exiting guests. We want to inspire to new ideas and underline the need of utopias in todays society.

Here are som of the films on the theme Utopia:
Freak Out by Carl Javér – In the fall of 1900, five middle-class youngsters bought a hill in the impoverished southern region of Switzerland. They had had enough of the consumer society they grew up in and decided to create a different society. A society based on veganism, feminism, pacifism and free love

Watch the trailer of Freak Out

Everyday Rebellion by The Riahi Brothers – Going around the world covering protests and demonstrations the Riahi Brothers shows us the interconnected world of nonviolent resistance, from Iran to Egypt, Spain to the United States. Propelled by their collective creativity, determination and the hope for a better future the protesters stand up to the pressure and repression that’s administered from the top.

Watch the trailer of Everyday Rebellion

Sepideh – Reaching for the Stars by Berit Madsen – Gazing up at the stars Sepideh, a teenage girl living in a small Iranian village, dreams of becoming an astronaut. It’s a dream that doesn’t conform to her patriarchal surroundings – something her conservative uncle is keen to remind her of…

Watch the trailer of Sepideh – Reaching for the Stars

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