The Inertia Variations

Matt Johnson of the critically acclaimed English group THE THE have remained silent as a singer/songwriter for nearly 15 years. Conflicted by creative inertia and repulsion with celebrity culture, he has watched from the sidelines as a tidal wave of corporate-state propaganda has swamped the airwaves. In his absence from the stage and studio he has taken comfort from ”The Inertia Variations”, a poem by John Tottenham; a meditation upon apathy, fear of failure, laziness, the wasting of time and the various tricks the mind plays upon itself in order to avoid confronting this reality. Now, like an aged, eccentric knight staggering into the 21st century on a futile quest, he will attempt to muster his energy, to challenge the ever-narrowing consensus of corporate media. As a long term listener of shortwave radio, Johnson will launch his own conceptual version of this romantic medium and broadcast a midday to midnight marathon. The show will include not only music and people calling via Skype from different parts of the world, but also interviews about the current state of play with the media and democracy in general. But a request from the director of the documentary, Johanna St Michaels, to write a new song for the broadcast soon reveals old demons of inertia and bereavement. The Inertia Variation is a documentary about creative inertia, politics, sudden loss and the possibility of salvation through music.