Short Dox Radio 2016

Sink into a comfortable seat, close your eyes and listen to the entries for the Short Dox Radio competition. All contributions are played in Salon 4 at Barbro, which wil turn into a moving oasis of sound for a few hours. The setup is the same as before: A three minute radio documentary wins 5000 crowns and the winning entry will participate in the first Nordic Short Dox competition ever, which will take place in Copenhagen this spring. Last year the prize went to Sara Villius’s Passenger where a brave interviewer created radio in its purest and most beautiful form. This year’s nominees are presented on the website.

The Short Dox Radio prize  was founded by Bengt Bok, professor of radio production at SADA.

The nominations for Short Dox Radio are: 

Den Döda Rösten by Johan Essén Trygg
A nursing assistant within home care describes a bizarre experience when she was asked to unlock an apartment where a woman was found dead.

En diabetikers dagbok av Pia Johansson Goldmann
Excerpts from my dad’s audio notes which he recorded to keep track of his diet and toilet habits.
Main character: Peter Goldmann

Maria är mitt namn by Joy Klackenberg
Maria Coskun is about to turn thirteen. While bombs are dropped over her parents’ home country Syria, Maria dreams of a life in Hollywood. She wants to make herself heard through music and rap. Both her parents are deaf. 

Mikael född 1975 by Simon Moser
Sanna only knows that her father’s name is Mikael, had long hair and wasn’t very tall. He is probably born in Umeå in 1975. Her mother met him in Gothenburg in the mid 90s and they hade sex at the bar where they met. She never recieved any contact information about him and nine months later, Sanna was born.

Missfallet by Emilie Löfgren
Philippa has a miscarriage and begins to wonder why we talk so little about something so common.
Music: Emilio Nyaray Valenzuela

Mustaschen by Tanvir Mansur
One morning Tanvir Mansur is invited to Nyhetsmorgon on TV4 to talk about the Nobel banquet. He was going to work at the event for the first time. He dressed up in tails, a graduation cap and twisted his mustache. But the conversation on Nyhetsmorgon degenerated in a way that he never could have imagined.

Oväntat besök by Lovisa Haag
One night in early November, 16-year-old Linnea is sleeping in her room, completely unaware that her life will soon change forever. 

Påtvingat Liv by Tania Adolfsson
The recording is about how I was sexually abused by my adoptive father and how hard it is to get over! No matter how old are you and how many years pass, the shadow is constantly present like a companion by you side.

Stranger still? by Brett Ascarelli
An attempt to reach a consensus

Va den man vill by Anna Jonasson
A couple of middle school girls air their thoughts on bullying, identity, truth, lies and how to be yourself and the person you want to be.