Seminar: New partners, New Money

Can you take any kind of money? In a much underfunded industry such as documentary filmmaking, each filmmaker and producer need to be inventive and constantly ready to search for new partners and financiers. But is there a risk that financiers affects the content and what is the intention with their investments? We get to meet both representatives from Creative Europe Desk Media and Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen as well as filmmakers, who have found new financiers to their productions, everything from direct support from individuals and crowdfunding to collaborations with organizations of all sorts.

Participants: Lise Saxtrup, The Cosmic Top Secret Experience, Tim Travers Hawkins, Invisible Picture Show, David Herdies samt representanter från SFI, SVTi och Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen. Moderator: Anna J Ljungmark