Seminar: Gamization

How can games enrich the film narrative? Or are games and films two so completely different forms of expression and experience that it is not possible to combine them no matter how much we try? Game professor Annica Waern talks about game drama and how playing games belongs to a different emotional register. We will also talk to some of the filmmakers who have managed to stretch the boundaries between different expressions; Type Rider, 48h Game and The Cosmic Top Secret. One might wonder why they have chosen to work with games as a filmic expression, is it simply a way to reach new audiences, or is there anything in particular that games can tell?

Participants: Théo Le Du Fuentes, Typer:Rider, Suvi Helminen, 48 Hour Games, Trine Laier och Lise Saxtrup, The Cosmic Top Secret Experience och Annica Waern. Moderator: Anna J Ljungmark