See the Man

OFK is no common soccer team. For the past four years players, technical team, administrative and directive have collaborated in a cultural initiative that has seen them performing in their own theatre piece, venturing into painting and the publication of a book narrating their experiences as part of the club. “See the Man” tracks the creation of their biggest project to date: a dance piece inspired by Swan Lake and choreographed by Maria Nilsson Waller. The film is a document of this process, narrated through the personal experiences and opinions of its protagonists. Stretching between the two weeks from OFK’s last match of the season (and its triumphant ascent to the Swedish first division) to the public presentation of their Tchaikovsky-fueled dance performance, “See the Man” is a testament to bravery and a unique collision between art and sports.

(Screens together with Raised by Krump in New Doc block 3) Directors visit!