Prison Sisters

This is the continuation of the Emmy-award winner Frihet bakom galler, where we follow two of the women after serving their sentences in Afghanistan. Sara fled to Sweden but Nagibe remained. One day Sara gets the news that Nagibe was stoned to death by her husband. She decides to investigate the matter together with the filmmaker Nima Sarvestani. This session focuses on how to make a sequel and the challenge on the need to tell the inside story and discuss the complexity of the cooperation between participants and filmmakers .

Participants: Klara Grunning (Swedish Film Institute), Nima Sarvistani (filmmaker) and Axel Arnö (Swedish Television).

Nominees for Tempo Short Award

Eight short documentaries are competing in the Tempo Short Award for the prestigious prize for best documentary short film about a maximum of 30 minutes. Of the eight nominees, two of them have premiere screenings during the Tempo Documentary Festival 2017. Read more about the nominees here!  

Nominees for Tempo Documentary Award

The nominations for Tempo Documentary Award is now official! It is one of the biggest competions for long documentaries (over 50 minutes). All the nominated films will be screened at the 18th edition of Tempo Documentary Festival which takes place from 6 to 12 March 2017. Read more about the nominees here!

Nominated for New Doc

New Doc is Tempo Documentary Festival's talent award for promising but as yet unestablished Swedish filmmakers. Nine films are nominated in the competition, and many of them are Swedish premieres during the festival: Izabela, Promise, Raised by Krump, See the Man, Selfie and shame. Learn more about all the nominees here!  

Kim opens Tempo!

"Kim" opens Tempo Documentary Festival in 2017 and thereby get world premiere! The film is a intimate portrait of Kim Anderzon, a feminist role model who became one of our greatest actors. She created a life where the theater was the focus of both relationships and family. Read more about the movie here!