My Mother

My mother survived the massacres of the Jews in Ukraine from 1905 – 1920, to avoid them her family moved to Poland to the town of the Hassidic Jews, Husyatyn, where 70% of the inhabitants were Jews. But they were forced back in 1914 at the beginning of WWI. The family survived the first World War and the massacres, when the disappointed and tired soldiers and desserters retreated from the fronts. The family survived the revolution in Ukraine and the Civil War from 1917 – 1922. Mother got hunger typhoid but survived the famine after the civil war. She was smuggled out of the Soviet Union in 1923 with the purpose of making it to the USA, to support her family in Ukraine and send money for the tickets for her little sisters. She worked her way through Romania and Hungary, cutting trees in Transylvania, working at a spinning factory in Bucharest living in the Jewish district in Bucharest and Budapest both of them huge. She made it to Hamburg, the Quarantinestation, Ballinstadt, where the shipping company tried to stop her because of her bad eyes. She travelled to Canada, Montreal, helped by religious Jewish networks. She got a job in a textile factory and became a professional seamstress and cutter. She was a trade union organizer. My mother ruined the career of a young Danish bank manager and went with him to Denmark, when he no longer could get a job in Montreal. During the German occupation by Hitler, she bore 3 children, while her husband was working in the illegal resistance-movement against the Germans. The family fled to Sweden in a fishing boat the 31st of October in 1943. And the film doesn’t stop there.