Moderna Museet – Artistic power

In cooperation with Socialist Sunshine Cinema, The Modern Museum of Stockholm presents four short films that highlight the artistic- and art institution’s power: Staff at the Modern Museum by Annika Eriksson, on hierarchical structures and ethnic homogeneity within the personnel staff. Bully by Gillian Wearing, which allows a drama teacher doing an improvisation exercise of bullying along with nine amateur actors. Interview with Saskia Holmkvist by Saskia Holmkvist, which can be seen as a satirical wink to the requirements that are often placed on a artist as entrepreneur. And Basim Magdys film 13 Essential Rules for Understanding the World, where a bouquet of tulips tells of the thirteen rules that should be followed if one wants to understand how the world works. An instructional film that laconically, ironically and hypnotic informs us of our powerlessness and insignificance.

Displayed under the Liljeholms bridge northern end (Hornstull).

Hot beverage will be served.