Kim – Den Skalliga Primadonnan

This film is about Swedish actress Kim Anderzon. Loved and acclaimed for her roles in theatre and film. A feminist role model. A woman who decided to do everything herself and became one of our greatest actors. She created a life where theatre overshadowed both relationships and family. An entire life on stage. And then the cancer came. But life must be lived, at any price. And fully. The show must go on, night after night. The actor needs her audience, and audience needs its actor. Kim mixes performances with clinic visits in Germany. But finally the body can’t take it anymore. She decide to gather all her close friends and colleagues, for one last night at Restaurant Wasahof. For a final performance. Kim moved from Östersund at the age of 16 to Stockholm to become a cartographer. Instead, she began sewing clothes for prima donna Git Gay and she became Sweden’s first Playboy bunny. She ends up at Pistolteatern, and the rest is history. The film mixes archival and contemporary, and follows her closely during her last year of life. A year that is characterized by hard work, but also by Amor (cancer), setting up camp in her body. We meet her friends, colleagues and family, both before and after her passing. A film about life, death and the love of theatre.