Heart North

Two best friends, Henny and Elvira, are in their last year of junior high school in the small community Norsjö in northern Sweden. At night they drive around in Hennys’ shiny black rebuilt Volvo, an Epa-tractor with a maximum speed of 30 km/h. Henny feels like she’s stuck in a hole and dreams of going to the dance school in the nearest city, 100 km away. Elvira on the other hand want nothing more than to stay in the safe haven she finally found in Norsjö after her mother’s death. She applies to the local high school, however, with very few applicants the entire school is now at risk of shutting down. This is a story about being young, about the endless nights filled with love, despair and friendship. But it’s also a story of political blindness and on-going cutbacks in the rural areas of Sweden. This story belongs to two young girls in the middle of an ever decreasing community.