Freak Out

In the fall of 1900, five middle-class youngsters bought a hill in the impoverished southern region of Switzerland. They had had enough of the consumer society they grew up in and decided to create a different society. A society based on veganism, feminism, pacifism and free love. A society they called Monte Verità. Contemporary celebrities such as Herman Hesse and Mary Wigman, among others, flocked there and became inspired. Through their eyes we see the similarities between the past, present and what was to revolt against in the early 1900s.

Tempo tipsar! Emilie Löfgren, redaktör för programtidningen.

I want to tell about my favorite films The Artist and the Thief; an exciting film about how a theft becomes the beginning of an unlikely friendship where they are both forced to face demons from the past. Our Time Machine is a great movie about creative anxiety, a father suffering from dementia who's memories  become increasingly blurred and the director's longing for his own family. Get more tips on our instagram @tempofestival!

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