Film and Breakfast: Black Coffee regarding black empowerment

With the film The Black Panthers : Vanguard of the Revolution as a starting point, the members of the organization Black Coffee will discuss on black empowerment organization in Sweden. Black Coffee is a separatist African-Swedish movement that since it’s foundation one year ago has become an important voice in the contemporary Swedish debate. The movement works against Afrophobia, racism and discrimination and to break down stereotypes about Afro-swedes in contemporary Swedish culture.

Participants: Leila Tree, Samuel Girma, Juliet Atto, Seinab Hilowle, Olivier Bellemare and Araia Ghirmai Sebhatu.

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Admission for film and coffee is 120 SEK. Booking to get breakfast has to be done before 9 March.
After 9 March only film and coffee will be available when booking which included coffee and tea.