Conversation series about power

Power linked to the body, class background, gender, language and racism – that are some of the topics that will be discussed and dissected in our popular series of conversations. The conversations will take place at Brooklyn Bar Tuesday through Friday during the festival, and among the guests are Maria Sveland, author and journalist, Anneli Jordahl, author and journalist, Rami Al-Khamisi, founder of the megaphone and Sara Abdollahi, the initiator of the Cult Watch.

Come and have a drink and make up with power.


Tuesday 8/3
Theme: The body and power – Ewa Cederstam and Maria Sveland.

Wednesday 9/3
Theme: Class and gender – Sara Abdollahi and Anneli Jordahl.

Thursday 10/3
Theme: The power of languag – Maria Dahlin and Rami Al-Khamisi.

Friday 11/3
Theme: Rascism and power – TBA