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Film screenings, seminars and a dinner party! The film- and culture project Noncitizen is back and invites this year to two full days of activities. The theme is power connected to images, storytelling and contemporary representations from the issue – who is in power of the image? Participators are story tellers in exile. The second day will end with a dinner and full evening against border controls, for a more open Europe.

How do we create better opportunities for filmmakers with experience of migration to depict our times? How can we open up and democratize Europe’s film business? Who is watching who and why?

Together we will discuss our roll and our responsibility as film workers in the crisislike situation that Europe’s border and migration policies has created. Noncitizen wants to find ways for film workers and journalists living in exil (with our without asylum) to produce and reach out with their own material. Noncitizen also wants to create new collaborations between European and non European creators.

Save a seat!
You don’t need to RSVP to the dinner (11/3 18.00-01.00), but you can make reservations! Last year the line to the dinner got so full we unfortunately didn’t get everyone in. If you want to secure a seat at Dramalabbet, write and make reservations with names to info@noncitizen.se. These seats will be kept until 17.30 so come early to confirm your attendance!

With: Mohamed Harb, Mohammed Al-Saud, Afrah Nasser, Shahram Khosravi, Maher Abdel Aziz, Samira Motazedi, Alireza Teimori, Sara el Kelany, Alexander Mahmoud, Elham Sameri, Merry Massoud, Firas Haki, Zakaria Mohamed Ali, Saadeldin Ibrahim, Dalia Alfargahl, Mousa Elias, Sohair Chkair & Rakhsha Razani.

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Created by: Elin Eriksson, Ahmed Abdullahi, David Aronowitsch, Elisabeth Cronvall Marjanovic, Marta Dauliute, Hanna Heilborn, Anna Persson, Christian Rossipal, Abed Loutfi, Sharmarke Binyusuf, Anna Weitz, Sumaiya Syeda, Kinda Kreidi and Sofia Styrman.
Organized by: Noncitizen with support from Stockholms City Council, Folkets Bio och Dramalabbet.
Photo: Mohammed Al-Saud

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