Nominated films for Tempo Documentary Award

Ten Swedish documentaries have been nominated to the competition Tempo Documentary Award. The opening film is Rikard, a documentary about Rikard Wolff who recently passed away. He was one of Sweden’s biggest and most liked artists and also an icon within the LGBTQ-movement. Rikard is one of the documentaries that reflect the theme of the festival: Persona. It is also the Swedish premiere for Cinema Pameer that tells the story about a Cinema in Kabul and also gives us a peek into everyday life for the Afghani population.

Tempo Documentary Award Nominations
Cinema Pameer by Martin von Krogh
A Good Week for Democracy (En bra vecka för demokratin) by Cecilia Björk
Living. Loving (Leva. Älska) by Mette Aakerholm Gardell
Lida by Anna Eborn
Lyubov – Love in Russia (Lyubov – kärlek på ryska) by Staffan Julén
Rikard by Julia Stanislawska
Silvana (Silvana – Väck mig när ni vaknat) by Mika Gustafson/Olivia Kastebring/Christina Tsiobanelis Stronger than a Bullet by Maryam Ebrahimi
That Summer (Den sommaren) by Göran Hugo Olsson
The Deminer by Hogir Hirori (co-director Shinwar Kamal)

Amongst the nominated documentaries is the documentary That Summer, which title refers to the summer of 1972. Through unique material it tells the story about the eccentric mother daughter duo little Edie and big Edie in their decayed home in the East Hamptons. The material was recorded in the years prior to the premiere of Grey Gardens (1975) by Peter Beard and Jackie Onassis’ younger sister Lee Radziwill, supposedly the start of a film that never was completed.

Love is a theme that runs through many of the nominated documentaries. The movie Live. Love (Leva. Älska) lets us meet some of the seniors at ”Regnbågens seniorboende”, Sweden’s first elderly home for people who identifies as LGBTQ. Many of seniors are forced back into the closet when they move to a facility for seniors, but at the Regnbågen (The Rainbow) new friendships, romances and lives form! In Lida we follow the life of an older woman from the Swedish speaking minority in Ukraine who starts a relationship with a Russian man. Lyubov – or love in Russia (Lyubov – kärlek på ryska) is built on a selection of the interviews Nobel prize winner Aleksijevitj has done for her upcoming book about love. Silvana (Silvana – Väck mig när ni vaknat) is an intimate love story and journey through the artist, feminist and anti-racist Silvana’s life in private and in the public eye.

As an opposite to love, there are also films about war. Stronger than a Bullet lets us meet Saed Sadeghi, a photographer who took pictures of the war between Iraq and Iran during the 80s and who’s photos have been used as war propaganda. Fakhir, an Iraqi father of eight is portrayed in The Deminer. He is a man who tries to save innocent lives by putting himself at risk when he disarms land-mines in war-torn Mosul.

In the documentary A Good Week for Democracy (En bra vecka för demokratin), we go to Sweden’s biggest political event: Almedalsveckan. The film directs our attention towards what happens behind the scene rather than what happens on stage. It shows us the nerves of the speakers during their preparations right before they enter the stage and narrates the huge media spectacle and how political events are depicted.

Tempo Documentary Award is arranged in cooperation with The Swedish Film Institute and Influence Film Club. The award is 75 000 SEK and goes to the director of the winning film. The full program and tickets are released February 7th at tempofestival.se

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