Listen to audiowalks with Tempus fugit!

Tempo Documentary Festival begins today and the app Tempus Fugit makes it’s premier at the festival. The app which contains location-specific audio walks, all uniquely created for the app, can only be heard in various places in the public space through its GPS function.

In addition to a revival of the work Istället för we also get to take part to the newly written piece Spiro / Spero. The later is specially written by Rebecka Pershagen for Tempo Documentary Festival 2016, and is based on three documentary films in this year’s program: Sonita, Mallory and the opening film Kiki. The work was able to be written by giving Rebekah Pershagen and Tempus Fugit a selection of this year’s films, and then the free hands to create an audio works around them. The three stories in Spiro / Spero are all based on the main characters from the three documentary films, and is a sort of inner monologue for each character.

Spiro / Spero is available on Tempus Fugit beginning the 7th of March and is based on three coordinates by Hornstull strand (metro Hornstull).

Istället För (2014) is one of the most popular works on Tempus Fugits so far and has a new premiere beginning 7th of march. The play is based on six coordinates around Hornstull.

Read more about the audio walks here!

Read more about Tempus Fugit and download the app for free on App Store and Google Play!


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