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Do you work in the documentary industry and want to be a part of the festival? Apply for the Industry accreditation and you will be able to access the festival!

2023 - Tempos second hybridfestival

The festival 2023 will be a hybrid festival and the industry program will also be arranged both physically and digitally. The accreditation gives you access to the festival's physical as well as digital events.
We follow current recommendations, which means that we may require pre-registration for certain program items. Keep an eye out for more information on the website and in emails to accredited.

Buy your industry accreditation for Tempo Documentary festival March 6 – 12 2023

We are very happy to be able to present an exciting industry schedule during the festival week again this year! At the time of writing, we are planning for a festival both in the cinema and from the couch, but the industry points will mainly take place on site in Stockholm at Teater Tre and Indigo.

With your accreditation, you get access to the entire film program digitally at Draken Film. The films will be premiered during the week and can then be seen for 48 hours unless otherwise stated in the program. A limited number of tickets are reserved for each physical tour and these can be picked up at our industry center at Hotell Malmen on the same day as the tour. Accreditation only applies as a ticket to physical screenings subject to availability.

This year we present our masterclasses online. You as an accredited guest get access to these after registration which is done via a link in the email you receive with other accreditation information.

If you want to apply for an accreditation please contact our press manager Louise Bodin.

Festivalcenter Scandic Malmen

Opening hours during the festival:

Monday 12.00 – 15.00

Tuesday – Saturday 11.00 – 18.00

Sunday 11.00 – 14.00
If you have any questions, contact our industry center at

Industry program

Here you will find information about the schedule for the festival 2023 as it approaches.

Tempo Impact Workshop

Tempo Impact Workshop 2022

Tempo Impact Workshop is arranged annually in collaboration with Kreativa Europa Desk Media Sverige and focuses on how you can make impressions and imprints through documentary expressions to influence behaviors and structures.

Danielle Turkov, founder of British Think-Film Impact Production is back and holds this year's workshop where five filmmakers or companies / teams with their own projects for a unique chance to work with Impact under her leadership. The course consists of three meetups and a final pitch. The first meeting takes place digitally during Tempo 7-8 March. Meeting two will hopefully be held in Stockholm on March 22 and the third meeting will take place digitally on April 5. The workshop ends with a pitch opportunity on April 8 for an invited audience consisting of decision makers and other relevant actors. The workshop is largely in English.

Short description of the meetups:

Meeting 1: An individual review of the project in depth and of the possibilities regarding impact production. (60-90 minutes)

Meeting 2, full day: Here the strategy for the impact work is refined to build a concrete plan for the upcoming campaign. (Master class and 60 minutes per project together with Think Film and other course participants)

Meeting 3: Individual pitch coaching, preparation and production of presentation material and feedback. (60-90 minutes)

Meeting 4: Pitch in front of a specially invited audience.

After a continuous workshop, there should be:
- Plan of themes, activities, potential partners that can be further developed after the workshop.
- A presentation of the strategies for the impact work.
- Practical guidance for how the impact project can best pitch to partners and financiers.

We are looking for projects that are in development or production. Does this sound like something for you? Send us your application which consists of two parts:

Project information in English:

- Project description on a maximum of two pages
- Budget
- Financing plan, state what is confirmed
- CV with filmography for producer and director
- A visual inspiration / illustration for how you think you want to present your content.

Answer these questions with a maximum of 50 words per answer:
- As a creative, what / how are you expecting your story to change mind / hearts / perspective?
- Who is your impact audience and is it different to your main audience demographic for the content?
- What format will your project take? Do you believe this format will reach your impact audience and why?
- If you were imagining the impact actions for your film, what would be the smallest impact and the dreamiest impact output be?
- What are the risks involved for the people in the stories / messaging in society?

Email everything no later than 18 February to: and write Tempo Impact Workshop in the subject line.
Participation fee: 900 SEK ex VAT per project

Any additional costs for travel and other things for meeting 2 are borne by the participants themselves.

Danielle Turkov from Think-Film Impact Production has only in five years had time to work with a large number of Oscar nominees and Emmy winners. The films she has worked on include The Cave, My Enemy, My Brother, Eminent Monsters and The Scars of Ali Boulala, which will be shown at this year's Tempofestival.

Tempo Meet Up

Tempo Meet Up 2023

TMU is a talent program that combines group discussions about own projects with workshops, master classes, film screenings in a tailor-made program during a few intensive days in connection with the festival in March.

With Tempo Meet Up, we want to strengthen newly established documentary filmmakers who work all over Sweden. We gather talent with different backgrounds and give them a unique chance to contact the established industry and an opportunity to develop their projects together with others in the same situation. Tempo Meet Up gives participants an opportunity to meet a professional industry in an intimate context, meet decision-makers from the documentary industry and make contacts during the festival's regular program, both the public and what is important to the industry.

Tempo Meet Up is arranged in 2022 with the support of the Swedish Film Institute's support for talent development throughout the country in collaboration with Boost Hbg , Filmregion Sydost , Film i Dalarna , Film i Sörmland , Film i Öst , Film Stockholm , Förvaltningen för kulturutveckling / FilmCloud , Kultur i Halland - Film .