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Tempo is a boundary-crossing documentary festival that, through its industry program, focuses on creativity and process. Together with you, we aim to create a brave and dynamic atmosphere where both, compelling stories and you as an individual, receive a boost in development.

We build intimate and inclusive contexts for processes to thrive through the exchange of experiences and inspiration. The program invites today’s most interesting guests and professionals based on the industry’s needs. Here, you will encounter both concrete and thought-provoking examples, as well as new networks in a thoughtful framework to energize you and your creative endeavors.

Tempo is the setting where unexpected encounters unfold! At Tempo, it’s easy to get to know established industry figures, decision-makers, and the future’s prominent names. Everyone is welcome to join us. The program is for those who want to step into the industry and for those who are already active in the field.

Together, we shape the future landscape of documentaries.

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