The Tempo Work in Progress day, where filmmakers show and tell clips from their upcoming documentaries. During the day, a total of 7 projects was presented by the Swedish Film Institute and Film Stockholm.

The Swedish Film Institute presents:

Det omätbara

In the film Himlens mörkrum, the filmmaker Nils Petter Löfstedt paid tribute to the workers on the workshop floors. In his new film, he focuses on what lies closest to him, the care profession. He follows his parents’ last working days and he contacts old colleagues. But to portray a working class that does not want or may not be portrayed is difficult and will not be made easier by a pandemic. Is it possible with film to access the immeasurable effort that forms the basis for the work in health and care?

En film om Sverige idag – efter sagolandet

What happens? Who are we? What do we stand for? In an era of democracy crisis, climate crisis and Corona, En film om Sverige idag – Efter Sagolandet captures meetings, moments and events in the country for 1.5 years. What do people talk about, what do they engage in, what occupies their thoughts and how do they view the present? What seeps through, from the outside? The film has been shot continuously since November 2019 and premieres in 2022.


Annika’s sister is left by her partner, three weeks after the birth of their second child. She is lying exhausted with a newborn baby at the breast while he is newly in love with another woman. Annika has just gotten engaged and is starting to realize that she is afraid of being on her way into the life that her sister has been so brutally forced to leave.

A work in progress about the challenges of portraying a loved one and about the creativity in working with “imageless” material.

Öfvre Tensta, stanna eller flytta?

The Abzalova family lives a normal ”Svensson life” in their neighborhood in Tensta when something happens one evening that changes everything. Nazira, her husband Bahityr and their two children are threatened with a gun in the parking lot outside their home. Nazira reacts with anger, but Bahityr and the children become frightened and want to move. But Nazira does not want to leave her home and neighbors. She loves Tensta and asks herself: what if all good people move? Who can make a difference then?

Film Stockholm presents:

Beating Hearts (working title)

The twins Aleque and Issay are three years old and move with their mother, father and sister to Beijing. They arrive to an empty apartment among highways and skyscrapers. Aleque and Issay do not understand Chinese, they sleep on air mattresses and miss their toys. When they go to the park, people come up and want to take pictures because they look different. Beating Hearts is a diary documentary recorded as a picture book over five years, where we follow the development from being small children to becoming older school children.


Fosterfamiljen, we meet the parent Ewa with the biological child Julia and the foster child Patrik; three members of a family who are now ready to tell about the upheavals that changed their lives while they were a foster family over thirty years ago.

Fosterfamiljen is an intimate and thought-provoking film that nuances the stereotypes we usually see.


Sofi suddenly has eight new siblings, a new father, and a mother who does not know what to say. Almost 50 years ago, the mother Ann became pregnant and had to decide whether to tell her husband who she thinks is the father, or just let it be – a secret.

Hemligheten reunites an act of love, investigates lies, reconciliation and what a family is.




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