Based in true events, VICENTA is animation documentary that portrait, the fight of this a poor and illiterate women from the suburbs of Buenos Aires against the odds that the rights of her daughter Laura, who suffers severe maturational delay and is pregnant as a result of sexual abuse, are respected and can thus access a legal interruption of pregnancy in a public hospital of Argentina.

“Vicenta” conveys the details of this truly incredible imposition in the form of a fable in which plasticine figures seem rooted to the spot in a Kafkaesque nightmare. Only the camera moves through this scenery, usually in travellings across the set-up. Very occasionally excerpts of newscasts, broadcast from small monitors on the stage of this “puppet show”, authenticate the narrative. And yet the whole spectrum of conceivable feelings between being openly paralysed with shock and proud self-empowerment of the mother who stubbornly fights for justice for herself and her daughter is conveyed and made comprehensible.

Released on Saturday 13 March at 10.00. The movie was available for streaming for 48 h.

VICENTA_TRAILER from CEPA Audiovisual on Vimeo

A greeting from the director Dario Doria who has made the film Vicenta that is screened in the section Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award at Tempo Documentary Festival 2021.

  • Director

    Darío Doria

  • Producers

    Virginia Croatto, Pamela Livia Delgado, Felicitas Raffo

  • Year


  • Country


  • Subtitles


  • Duration

    69 min

  • Festivalsection

    Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award

  • Premiere

    Swedish premiere




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