Stockholm University of the Arts – The hunt for a killer (SKH – jakten på en mördare)

This seminar took place Thursday March 11, kl. 13.00

Crisp interrogation protocols are transformed into a realistic drama. Bengt Bok is a radio professor at Stockholm University of the Arts. Here he meets the screenwriter and radio producer Lotta Erikson in a conversation about last year’s most talked-about Swedish TV series. About taking reality and recasting it into fiction. How do you relate to the real people and the places? The series is not only a drama about the hunt for a murderer, it is also a depiction of Sweden between 1989 and 2005. What liberties can you take? Lotta Erikson has extensive experience of documentary storytelling, what does she bring with her into fiction and screenwriting?



    Stockholm University of the Arts – The hunt for a killer




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