Sidewalk screening: Beyond us and them

To long for home, to long for a home, to build a temporary home that others can tear down at any time, to dream of being able to give their children a safer and warmer home or to be able to buy new shoes that no one else has worn before. These are themes that appear in personal and direct short films created during an intensive workshop last fall, where a group of Romanians living a vulnerable life in Stockholm were given the opportunity to tell documentary stories.

In collaboration with Tempo Documentary Festival, these short films are shown in a gallery window at Åsögatan 92 in Stockholm. From the sidewalk, under Corona-safe circumstances, you can get a unique insight into a parallel reality that takes place in the midst of us.

Everything is for free – but if you enjoy the movies, you are welcome to make a small contribution to Föreningen HEM on 1235885074 or to Stockholms Stadsmission on 9003518, it makes a difference!


Project managers Karin Ekberg, 073-931 66 48 and Fina Sundqvist 0707-385363

The films and screenings are part of a perennial project run by the association Mantaray Impact, with the support of Postkodstiftelsen. The aim of the project is to give the voices of vulnerable EU citizens a space and create a context where their stories are heard and seen.

The films shown during the festival week were made during a workshop in October 2020, carried out in collaboration with Föreningen HEM, ABD, Film Stockholm/Filmbasen and Fuji.

Image above from the film “Scrisoare catre poporul suedez/Brev till svenska folket” by Gabi Bratianu, Pamela Caldararu, Mures Caldararu and Tudor Bratianu.

  • Event

    Beyond us and them

  • Adsress

    Address: Åsögatan 92
  • Date

    March 8th-14th

  • Time


    Wednesday, March 10th, and Friday, March 12th, Mantaray Impact is on site and offers hot drinks, fika and answer questions.




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