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  • Kärlek på svenska

    A warm and tumultuous journey through everyday life from Karesuando in the north to Ystad in the south across ages, genders and nationalities about what both unites and separates us – love. Love is everything! Like a wind, like the moment of laughter with a dying partner, like the rush of happiness on the gravel road towards home, like missing someone who existed or has yet to appear in one’s life – the expressions are endless in Staffan Julén’s intimate feature film Kärlek på Svenska. Staffan Julén’s interviews are also the starting point for author Marit Kapla’s book with the same name as the film. Her reading from the book is accompanied by specially written film music composed by Philippe Boix-Vives and performed by Anders Lagerqvist, violin, and Philippe Boix-Vives, electronics. The film screening is followed by a conversation with Staffan Julén and Marit Kapla about their documentary collaboration, moderated by Folke Tersman, professor of philosophy and deputy CEO of the Institute for Future Studies.


    Kärlek på svenska is the first film in the seminar series Jakten på det autentiska, organized by Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and The Institute for Future Studies, in collaboration with Tempo Documentary Festival.

    Sunday 12 March kl 14.00-17.00, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern


    For mor information regarding the seminar series Jakten på det autentiska, visit the webpage of Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

    • Director

      Staffan Juhlén

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      Daniel Pynnönen

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      100 min

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