I väntan på besked

The autumn of 2020 began for the playwright Talajee Nasiri with her father feeling pain just below the ear. This is where their journey to find care began. Going through the system of health centers in Stockholm, to special care and finally getting the diagnosis. The journey was a tragic farce that Talajee documented. “Write an article,” said a nurse, “the system doesn’t work, it is broken.”

“I väntan på besked” is a documentary drama in radio format, written by Talajee Nasiri on behalf of Uppsala stadsteater.

By: Talajeh Nasiri
Director: Mathilda von Essen and Lucas Krüger
Participants: Shirin Golchin, Tytte Johnsson, Daniel Engman, Lolo Elwin, Jonas Österberg Nilsson, Mathilda von Essen, Bashkim Neziraj, Amanda Krüger, Åsa Forsblad Morisse, Lucas Krüger, Mikaela Ramel, Aksell Morisse
Sound technician: Thomas Hedquist
Mix: Fredrik Nilsson

You can listen to I väntan på besked  HERE! 



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