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    Centrum för fotografi

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    Centrum för fotografi

  • Exhibition and talk: UKRAINIAN WARCHIVE

    In times of war and unrest, it is no coincidence that some of the first things to be attacked are our archives, libraries, museums and monuments – a warfare Russia is currently waging against Ukraine. Attacking cultural heritage is about attacking a nation’s identity and integrity. An attempt to rewrite the history of an entire region. Since February 24, 2022, millions of Ukrainians have become witnesses and victims of the biggest war in Europe in decades. Thanks to the fact that most of us today have access to some kind of recording device, every war scene and every crime is captured by the citizens of Ukraine.

    Ukrainian Warchive is a digital archive with the goal of preserving this documentary material and providing support to Ukrainian photographers documenting the events in their homeland. In the exhibition Invasion, Centrum för fotografi exhibits nine of the Ukrainian photographers documenting the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The photographs mainly focus on the consequences of the military aggression and the everyday life of the people during the war. The images vary in genre from reportage photography to artistic interpretations of events with documentary photography as the key medium.

    The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Ukrainian Warchive and is curated by Emine Ziyatdinova. Ukrainian Warchive is supported by the Swedish Institute and the Hasselblad Foundation. The exhibition takes place at Centrum för fotografi from February 18 to March 12.

    Opening hours:

    Thursday – Friday 12 – 17

    Saturday – Sunday 12 – 16

    Tempo and Centrum för fotografi arrange a conversation between Emine Ziyatdinova and Ukrainian photographers.

    Sunday 12 March, 13.00-15.00, Centrum för fotografi. Free entrance



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