Crocked Lines Of Beauty (Det krokiga och det raka)

CROCKED LINES OF BEAUTY – MY GRANDFATHER THE ARCHITECT CARL NYRÉN. Through half a century Carl Nyrén won prestigious awards and was celebrated by critics all over the world. For the filmmaker Sven Blume he was a beloved grandfather. Carl often talked about architecture with his grandson and the house that he and grandmother Marianne lived in was a self-drawn masterpiece. But his role as an architect was difficult to grasp as a grandchild, only many years later Sven begins to take an interest in architecture. While Grandpa Calle is not alive anymore, his buildings remain open to the curiosity of his grandson.

Released on Wednesday 10 March at 18.00. The movie was available for streaming for 48 h.

CROCKED LINES OF BEAUTY  was shown in Västerortskyrkan in Vällingby on Thursday 11 March in corona-safe form. A corona-safe guided tour of the church’s architecture was also included in the event. Limited number of seats and ticket must be pre-purchased online.

Det krokiga och det raka trailer 3 from Laika Film & Television on Vimeo

  • Director

    Sven Blume

  • Producers

    William Johansson. Laika Film

  • Year


  • Country


  • Subtitles


  • Duration

    58 min

  • Festivalsection

    Music & arts

  • Premiere

    Swedish premiere




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