A provocative look at the industry surrounding school shootings in the U.S., where protecting schoolchildren is a lucrative business. On sale at a trade fair are bulletproof blackboards and desks, ideal to hide behind in an emergency. A young entrepreneur shows how she started making her own bulletproof garments. At first it was only to protect her own family, but she soon found a thriving market for her hoodies.

During firearms training courses which will allow them to carry guns in school, teachers learn how to aim for the head, just as if they were preparing for war. While teachers in several states are encouraged to participate in these trainings, the money now spent on camera surveillance systems and shooting courses could also be used for lessons on dealing with emotions or diversity training—as we hear from the very person in charge of school security.

The restrained filming style places the images center stage, allowing space to reflect on responses to gun violence in the United States.

Released on Wednesday 10 March at 18.00. The movie was available for streaming for 48 h.

  • Director

    Todd Chandler

  • Producers

    Todd Chandler, Danielle Varga, Sally Jo Fifer, Lois Vossen

  • Year


  • Country


  • Subtitles


  • Duration

    85 min

  • Festivalsection

    Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award

  • Premiere

    Swedish premiere




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