Film and breakfast together with the Black Panthers

Black Panthers were more than high fists, berets and loaded guns at Oaklands streets. Don’t miss the festival’s film breakfast on Sunday, March 13 with the subsequent conversation with Black Coffee .

Through out unique archive footage and interviews with those who were there; police officers, FBI informants, journalists, enemies and sympathizers and the Panthers who remained faithful to the party, we get insight into the movement in the film. Above all, the film makes it clear that a subject like this is not something that can be described in two hours. Despite this – or perhaps because – it is an indispensable movie, which anyone with the slightest interest in how modern American politics shaped into what it is today, should watch.

With the film as a reference, the members of the organization Black Coffee will hold a seminar. As a separatist black African-Swedish movement, Black Coffee has since it’s foundation a year ago, become an important voice in the contemporary Swedish debate. The movement works against Afro-phobia, racism and discrimination and to break down stereotypes about Africans in the contemporary Swedish culture.


De participants are: Leila Tree, Samuel Girma, Juliet Atto, Seinab Hilowle, Olivier Bellemare and Araia Ghirmai Sebhatu (will be updated).

Read more about the film here: The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution 

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