Tempo 2019

This is the program from Tempo documentary festival 2019, the full program for Tempo 2-8 march 2020 will be released on 5th February.

Welcome to Sweden’s biggest documentary festival! This years edition is the 20th (!) in the history of the festival and will take place in Stockholm, 4th-10th of March. The theme for Tempo this year is Heritage. During the festival we’ll look into heritage as a phenomena and it’s many aspects: socially, economically, nationally, politically and biologically. The documentary way of telling a story is in a way like the writing of a testament. Why are we trying to reproduce reality if not to create a legacy for us?


Program categories

  • Theme: Heritage

    We address heritage as a phenomenon based on several aspects: social, economic, national, political and biologically. We also discuss our own heritage, as documentary makers. The documentary story itself is a will. Why are we trying to reproduce reality if not to create a legacy too?

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  • Film

    Tempo is proud to present this years film program! We have handpicked this years best swedish and international documentaries in eight section that contains unique stories from all over the world.

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  • Audio/Radio

    Documentaries are much more than just films. Like sound. Like radio. In Tempo’s program there’s three-minute radio, gripping stories, exciting sound works and secret recordings.

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  • Work in Progress

    Welcome to Tempo’s Work in Progress day, where filmmakers discuss and showcase stills from their upcoming documentaries. In these sessions we will challenge the concept of Tempo’s 2019 theme, heritage.

    A collaboration with the Swedish Film Institute and Filmbasen, Film Stockholm.

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  • Events

    Tempo invites you to take part in a great number of treats outside the cinema. Don’t miss our parties, special screening, mingles and the annual pitch competition.

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  • VR

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  • Seminars

    What impact does the documentary have on the heritage of our time? And how can we support filmmakers who work under risky circumstances? That and a lot more is discussed during our seminars. Free entrance to all seminars with Tempo’s membership card.

    Arranged with support from ABF Stockholm.

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