Tempo 2016

Focus: Power

Nelson George, 2015, USA, 85 min, English Subtitles, Music & Arts, Swedish premiere!

Few places are so filled with power as the world’s leading ballet companies. Only one percent of all aspiring ballerinas manage to get there, and of…

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Anna Hylander, 2016, Sverige, 85 min, English Subtitles, Music & Arts, World premiere!

Ester Blenda is a story about the groundbreaking journalist and author Ester Blenda Nordström’s spectacular life during the 19th century first half. Ester Blenda was one…

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Otolith Group, 2013, Great Britain, 34 min, Music & Arts

The title of the Otolith Group’s film In the Year of the Quiet Sun comes from the reduction of the sun’s surface temperature that occurs every…

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Magnus Johansson, 2016, Sweden, 60 min, Music & Arts, World premiere!

Last spring, the Swedish poetry collective Revolution Poetry celebrated five years at a crowded Folkoperan in Stockholm. Revolution Poetry is a poetry collective and network that…

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Toomas Järvet, 2015, Estonia, Palestine, 74 min, English Subtitles, Music & Arts, Swedish premiere!

Maher is the Palestinian and to his profession engineer – but in the heart and soul a passionate dancer. He dreams of performing a modern…

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Music & Arts

Tensta Konsthall presents: The Eros-Effect. Art, solidarity and the fight for social justice – A special curated film program with it’s focus in contemporary art. The concept of…

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Filipa César, 2015, Germany, Portugal, 25 min, Music & Arts

In Transmission from the Liberated Zones by the artist and filmmaker Filipa César, we follow the Swedish presence in the liberation movement in Guinea-Bissau (1963-1974). In the film…

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Abigail Spindel, Paulo Cesar Toledo, 2015, Brazil, 71 min, English Subtitles, Music & Arts

Three months before Beyoncé lands in São Paulo for her concert fans are already in place in queue outside the stadium. All of them Beyoncé-worshipers,…

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