Program 2014

Program categories

  • Film

    Tempo is back with the best film programme ever! We have handpicked this years best Swedish and international documentaries in eight sections that contain unique stories from all over the world.



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  • Transmedia

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  • Seminars

    At this year’s seminars we will discuss documentary story telling in its different shapes and expressions. Take part of master classes, conversations about artistry and exciting meetings. All seminars are free with Tempo’s membership card.

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  • Events

    As usual Tempo invites you to take part of a great number of treats outside the cinema. Don’t miss our parties, special screenings, mingles or the annual pitch competition.


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  • Radio

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  • Photo

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  • Performance & Scene

    This year we expand our documentary radar and directs our attention to performance and theater with a documentary touch. Experience dreamy performances by remarkable artists and meet the head of the swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre Marie-Louise Ekman who uses her cell phone to capture the reality behind the curtains.

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Program 2014 – Program A-Ö