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Tempo Documentary Festival hosts six competitions. These are Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award, Tempo Documentary Award, Tempo Short Award, New Doc, Tempo Pitch and Short Dox Radio.

Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award

Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award is named after the Swedish documentary filmmaker, known for legendary documentaries such as Dom kallar oss mods/They Call Us Misfits and Ett anständigt liv/A Respectable Life. The award was established in 2012 with the purpose to highlight the best foreign documentaries from the past year and the winner receives €2 000. The award is presented with support from The Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation.

The winner of the award in 2017 was I Am Not Your Negro by Raoul Peck.

In 2016, the award went to Mr Gaga by Tomer Heymann. The honorable-award was divided between Flotel Europa by Vladimir Tomić and Pietra Brettkelly’s A Flickering Truth

Previous winners are Ioanis Nuguet with the film Spartacus and Cassandra, Stop the Pounding Heart by Roberto Minervini, Palestinian documentary 5 Broken Cameras by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, also nominated an an Academy Award in 2013, and Sarah Polley’s much acclaimed film Stories We Tell


Tempo Documentary Award

Tempo Documentary Award is Sweden’s largest documentary film competition where the winning director receives 75 000 SEK. The award is presented with support from the Swedish Film Institute and Influence Film Club.

Winner of Tempo Documentary Award 2017 was Efter Inez/After Inez by Karin Ekberg.

2016 year’s winner was Martha & Niki by Tora Mkandawire Mårtens.

Previous winners have been I am Dublin by Ahmed Abdullahi, David Aronowitsch, Sharmarke Binyusuf and Anna Persson, I Stop Time by Gunilla Bresky, Mia Engberg’s Belleville Baby, Videocracy by Erik Gandini and Michael Wenzer’s At Night I Fly

Tempo Short Award

Tempo Short Award is a competition for best Swedish short documentary, where the winning director is awarded 25 000 SEK. The award is presented with support from the Swedish Film Institute and Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen.

Winner of Tempo Short Award 2017 was Studio 5 by Axel Danielson and Maximilen Van Aertryck. Honorable-award went to Salad Hilowle’s Brev till Sverige.

Winner in 2016 was Ida Lindgren with The body is a lonesome placewhile the honorable-award was given to Moa Junströms The Loony-bin!

Previous winners are My Sandström with KulturpengarKnutte Wester with Dawn In a City Without Name, The Quiet One by Ina Holmqvist and Emelie Wallgren, Dagar emellan by Erik Bäfving and Kärleksförmedlingen by Martina Carlstedt.

New Doc

New Doc is an award for unestablished Swedish filmmakers. The award is given to a promising new documentary film director and consists of 70 000 kronor from regional film bodies Filmbasen/Film Stockholm, Film i Öst, Filmpool Jämtland, FilmCloud/ Kultur i Väst, Film i Dalarna, Filmpool Nord and Kultur i Halland – Film, whereof 30 000 in technical support.

The winner of New Doc 2017 was Matiss Kaza for One Ticket Please. The Honorable-award was given to Paula Gustafsson’s Löftet 

Winners 2016 were Roxane von Gerber Hedayat and Moa Kjellstrand with their film Hotel KristinebergThe Honorable-award was given to Ika Johannesson’s Familjen.

Previous winners are Anna Padillas Only three minutes left…, Guldbagge awarded Still Born by Åsa Sandzén, Staden och jag by Moa Junström and Irene Lopez’s Pinocchio utan näsa.

Tempo Pitch

Tempo Pitch is a competition where film directors and producers present their new projects in front of a jury and audience. The award consists of 75 000 SEK to be invested in the project. Tempo Pitch is arranged in collaboration with, and financed by, SVT Dokumentär, The Swedish Film Institute and Filmregion Stockhlom-Mälardalen.

The winners of Tempo Pitch 2017 were Peter Gerdehag, Malcolm Dixelius and Zara Arrehed with the project Häxan Anna.

Winners 2016 were Ellen Fiske and Joanna Karlberg with their project Josefin & Florin. 

Previous winners are Lisa and Sofia Josephson with the project Tryggt, tråkigt, Norsjö and Lisa Partby and David Herds with the project  Fuck You Döden.


Short Dox Radio

Short Dox Radio is a radio competition where free storytelling is encouraged. The frame is the same every year; a three-minute story, selected by a jury and awarded with 5 000 SEK.

The winner in 2017 was Jon Jordås for his Den sista snapsen.

Winner in 2016 was Simon Moser for Mikael född 1975. An Honorary-award went this year to Taina Adolfsson’s Påtvingat liv.

Winners from previous years are Sara Villius’ Passageraren and Vänner by Juana Owusu.


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