9th of March at Tempo Documentary Festival!

Wednesday is the Tempo Documentary Festival work in progress day at Bio Rio but the festival offers much more on films, seminars and the first doc-tails at Barbro. 

The third day at Tempo Documentary Festival focuses on an entire day at Bio Rio filled with work in progresses and their producers and directors. On top of that the Swedish radio correspondent Cecilia Uddén will give her master class during the afternoon at Kulturhuset – City Theatre. Read on some more recommendations bellow:


Gaza Animation Girls
Twelve female animators from Gaza makes a series of documentary animations about life in Gaza during and after the last war. Everyone works at the Theatre Day Production which for twenty years has worked with children and young people in Palestine. Meet animators and other engaged in the project in this conversation – and the opportunity to see films on the big screen!

Begins 9.00 at Bio Rio, free entrance with the Tempo membership card! 


Master class med Cecilia Uddén: makten och medierna
Middle East correspondent Cecilia Uddén give her master class with her view of power and unfree media in the Middle East, in Foyer 3 at the Kulturhuset City Theatre 
Begins 16.00 at Kulturhuset – City Theatre, free entrance with the Tempo membership card!
New Doc block 2
Tempos Talent prize New Doc continues on Wednesday with two blocks of the program. Among other films are Resiliéncia, Sounds of Exile and Underground Movement: Cave Diving in Jamtland.
Begins 17.30 at Victoria screening room 1. One ticket counts for all screenings.


A Flickering Truth
In A Flickering Truth, we get to follow a group cineasts that like archaeologists dive and discover the Afghan film history to archive and restore thousands of hours of film from a forgotten chapter of film history. Do not miss to meet the film’s director Pietra Brettkelly directly after the screening .
Screened on Victoria 2 17.00 


The Longest Run
In The Longest Run we follow the refugees Jasim and Alsaleh from Syria and Iraq, who got to know each other in a Greek youth prison. Under the threat of violence from the human smugglers they have been forced to act as guides for other refugees across the Turkish- Greek border, where they were arrested by police.
Screened on Victoria 4 17.00





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