8th of March at Tempo Documentary Festival!

The second day of the 17th edition of Tempo Documentary Festival is already going on. This year Tempo offers it’s largest program ever including everything from films, radio, seminars and workshops. 

During the International Womans Day the festival will show some strong films connected to the day and to the festival theme power. Read about some of the recommendations down below.

Sara Broos Reflections is the portrait of her mother and artist Karin Broos and their relationship. The film is a personal study on subconscious transfers, projections och reflections. And about the fine line between art and life. Sara Broos and her mother Karin Broos will attend the screening and discuss the film after.  
Screened 18.00 at Filmstaden Söder 9.

MonaLisa Story
In MonaLisa Story by Jessica Nettelbladt we get to meet the mother MonaLisa whose life was broken by depression. It’s a strong portrait of drug abuse and family connections, but also about struggle and love. The director Jessica Nettelbladt will attend the screening.
Screened 17.30 at Cinema Victoria 1.

If 18 -year-old Sonita could decide by herself she would be a world famous rapper and daughter of Rihanna and Michael Jackson. The reality is different. Sonita is a refugee from Afghanistan living in Iran where she has to struggle against the country’s ban on singing for women. Swedish premiere! 
Screened 19.00 at Victoria 2. Don’t miss the free cock-tail after the screening at Smaksak 21.00. 

The transmedia- and seminar project where one of the guests, Diala Brisley, was denied entry to Sweden.Syriatypes is a transmedia project, an interactive space, giving voice to the non-violent and equal rights minded men and women, who took an active role in the revolution and still have stories to tell. Come and meet the other invited artists, discuss and take part of their reality. Get a preview on the plattform and get to interact onto up coming projects.
Begins 14.30 at Bio Rio. Free entrance with your Tempo membership card.



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