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Nominated films for Tempo Documentary Award

8 films are nominated to Tempo Documentary Award, one of the most important prizes for documentary film in Sweden. The winner is awarded 75000 SEK in collaboration with the Swedish Film Institut. And the nominated films are…
Hamada by Eloy Dominguez Serén
Lindy the Return of Little Light by Ida Persson Lännerberg
Mating by Lida Mannheimer
The Swedish Greasers by Sebastian Ringler
The Revenge of the Diva by Emelie Jönsson and Gustav Ahlgren
The Heart is a Drum by Jacob Frössén
Transnistra by Anna Eborn
Waithood by Samori Tovatt

The Swedish Greasers to open the 20th edition of Tempo

The Swedish Greasers by Sebastian Ringler will have its world premiere at the Tempo Documentary Festival on March 4. The film shows a new generation within a sub culture that during decades was criticized in the media. The film fits very well in the overall theme for the festival, HERITAGE. The film is part of the competitive section Tempo Documentary Award, where the winning director(s) receives 75 000 SEK.

Sebastian Ringler is a director, editor and musician. He has directed music videos for artists like Avicii, Cazzette and Kiwi Lips. His debut documentary Big Love was awarded at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Festival. As an editor, Ringler has worked with director Christian Larson on documentary Take One and feature Leave The World Behind. He also edited director Karzan Kader’s renowned debut film Bekas as well as worked as supporting editor on Jonas Åkerlunds Small Apartments.

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