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“Kim” opens this year’s Tempo Documentary Festival

Kim opens this year’s Tempo Documentary Festival! Twelve feature-length documentaries have been nominated for the Tempo Documentary Award. The opening film The Bald Primadonna is a portrait of Kim Anderzon, a feminist role model with a big ego. A woman who decided to do it all by herself, and who became one of Sweden’s greatest actresses. A whole life on stage. Then one day, cancer.


The Bald Primadonna will have its world premiere, as will Letter to a Serial Killer, a thrilling story about the killer Peter Mangs and Sweden of today; After Inez in which we follow a young couple who have just lost their newborn baby and Heart Norsjö which depicts two fifteen-year-old girl friends’ lives in a depopulated northern village and their dreams for the future.

(Un)truth is the theme of Tempo Festival 2017!

(Un)truth is the theme of Tempo Documentary Festival 2017!

The main theme of the 18th edition of Tempo Documentary Festival is (un)truth, a subject reflected in a variety of films, radio presentations, photography and seminars during Tempo Documentary Festival 2017. The topic is naturally intertwined with the art of documentary storytelling – whose reality is being presented and how do we approach the truth while telling a story. The highlights of the international programme include “I Am Not Your Negro, a depiction of the African-American history and the reality of being black in the US nowadays. La Chana is a touching portrait of an aged, yet still passionate flamenco dancer. Gaza Surf Club gives us a chance to follow a group of young Palestinian surfers. This year’s Tempo presents around 40 international films in the total selection of over 100 documentaries during the festival held 6th–12th of March 2017.

“Tempo 2017 puts the notion of truth under the magnifying glass and goes deep in to the borderland between the authentic and the fabricated”, says the festival director Agneta Mogren. “We also want to go beyond the documentary genre and look at the concept of truth from a broader perspective, including politics, media and history.”
“We give a central space to stories of personal truths and asks questions about the individual constructions of truth. During one week of Tempo Documentary Festival it is completely allowed to stretch the (un)truth!” says Melissa Lindgren, the programme director of Tempo.
Full program will be released 8th of February.

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