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Breakfast and Film Talk: About Jordbrosviten by Rainer Hartleb

Tempo Documentary Festival, Folkets Bio and Filmrummet are proud having presented a breakfast and talk on the theme “The Long View”.
Richard Kilborn, Professor in Media and Communication, Stirling University, Scotland and filmmaker Rainer Hartleb talked about the Jordbro films, their origin, form and content and discussed them in comparison to two other long run documentaries; Seven-Up (UK) and Die Kinder from Golzow ( Germany).

The Jordbro films, both the box and to watch on video on demand, will soon be available at http://www.folketsbio.se


Tempo Audio Nights with Starlee Kine 21/9!

Tempo Audio Nights are very proud having presented a talk and meet-up with Starlee Kine at the 21st of September -16.

Starlee Kine (born 1977 in California) is an American public radio producer and writer. Her other work has been featured on This American Life and Marketplace. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times Magazine and California Sunday. On April 30, 2015, Gimlet Media announced Kine would be the host of its new podcast, Mystery Show. The show’s first episode was released on May 22, 2015. During the first season we Starlee solved the unbearable mysteries – how tall is Jake Gyllenhaal, why is Britney Spears reading a completely unknown book and why would you want to have  “I love 9/11” written on your vanity plate.

Listen to Mystery Show here!
See an interview with Starlee Kine här!

Tempo Audio Nights continues during the fall 2016 with other exciting international guests. Where and when will be announced here, so keep yourself updated! Tempo Audio Nights are supported by Kulturförvaltningen Stockholm stad. This special evening was in collaboration with Generator Stockholm.

Support for new quality cinema!


Tempo Documentary Festival are very pleased to tell you that we, together with Folkets Bio and Festivalcentrum, are a part of one of the film organizations in Stockholm that thanks to support from Stockholm Stad will be able to examine the possibilities to open new quality cinemas in Stockholm.

Stockholm needs more independent cinemas to show more quality films, and to screen them during a longer period, and are very excited to get the chance to work with this.

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