News archive from Feb 2016

The media collective “Rummet” on Power

This year’s focus at Tempo Documentary festival is power. What is power and who has it? And how can we change power structures? In line with the theme, the media community Rummet has written this year’s text about power, where they take on these issues. They have twisted and turned the subject – investigated and questioned.

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Rummet is a platform for conversation, discussion and analysis for racialized feminists and anti-racists.

Photo taken by: Carla Orrego Veliz

Nine upcoming talents in this year’s New Doc competition

New Doc is Tempo’s award for promising and yet unestablished Swedish filmmakers. This year nine films have been chosen for the competition. With the support of two new partners, Filmpool Nord and Kultur in Halland–Film, the value of the award has been raised to 70 000 SEK.


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