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And the winners are…

During our gala at Bio Rio six awards and three honourable mentions was handed out. Congratulations to all winners!

The Winners are:

Tempo Documentary Award

I Stop Time by Gunilla Bresky

Honourable mention Tempo Documentary Award

Freak Out by Carl Javér

Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award

Stop the Pounding Heart  by Roberto Minervini
See the jurys motivation

Honourable mention Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award

Salma by Kim Longinotto
See the jurys motivation

Tempo Short Award

Dawn in a City Without Name by Knutte Wester

New Doc

Still Born by Åsa Sandzén

Honourable mention New Doc

Männen från Vidsel by Sven Blume

Short Dox Radio

Vänner by Juana Ouwasu


Tempo Pitch

Fuck you döden by Momento Film
Director: Lisa Partby
Producers: David Herdies and Kerstin Übelacker

Friday Highlights!

Master class together with Jon Bang Carlsen

Today Friday at 2.00pm will commence the start of the festivals first master class together with the Danish director Jon Bang Carlsen. Listen to him talk about his documentary expressions in his latest Just The Right Amount of Violence that you will be able to watch on Saturday at 7.45pm in Victoria.

jag stannar tiden
I Stop Time – historical images from the actual Krim

När jag började arbeta med min film om krigsfotografen Vladislav Mikosha var min producent orolig över att ingen visste var Sevastopol låg. Idag vet hela världen det.”

When i began working on my film about the war photographer Vladislav Mikosha my producer got worried that nobody knew where Sevastopol was. Today its known all over the world.”

The film I Stop Time is outlined in bigger parts of that Krim that today is known all over the world. The film gives us an historical dimension to the happenings that are occurring there right now and is a unique testimony from the second world war. The war photographer Vladislav Mikosha that was placed in Sevastopol came to document that time’s most brutal events. When the Germans attack Russia he uses his camera as a shield and survives miraculously. He flees to USA and gets invited to Hollywood where he get’s to meet film stars as Ingrid Bergman and Charlie Chaplin. Through his documentary films from the front he gets elevated to a hero within the star circuits. Vladislav Mikosha returns later home and through Stalingrad where he is a part of the liberation of Krim and Sevastopol. Watch the film this Friday 4pm


Radio – Stefan Jarls State of Mind

Friday will offer you the premiere of Stefan Jars State of Mind, that the director himself describes as a film without image. A monologue with the actor Johan Rabaeus in the lead, with music by Ulf Dageby. Come to Salong 4, Barbro, take some coffee and relax to some radio.

The best Swedish Documentary in short format

During the Friday there will be shown all short films that are competing for the price Tempo Short Award 2014. Read more here!

As usual this is only some picks from Fridays full program!


Some of the Thursday highlights!

Vive La France – about the consequences of France’s nuclear program!

Vive la France is a touching film about the smal island Tureia in the Pacific Ocean and consequences arised from Frances nuclear-program.

Vive La France är en vacker och gripande film som handlar om den lilla ön Tureia i Stilla Havet och de hårresande följderna av Frankrikes kärnvapenprogram. Se den på torsdag 6 mars kl. 18.00 på Victoria och möt filmskaparna.

Time Moves, one of the Thursday premieres

On Thursday you’ll be able to watch the Swedish premiere of Time Moves where Rainer Hartleb once again visits those families that he began filming for more that 40 years ago. The Jordbro grandchildren’s own children has now grown up and some of them are captured in this film. Rainer Hartleb binds together images from the past together with the story of some these peoples lives, faith and future.

interaktiv visning
48 Hour Games – the first interactive documentary!

During Thursday you’ll be able to experience the Transmedia documentary 48 Hour Games in a screening where you as audience decide on how the film develops. The rules are easy: he one who shouts out the highest gets to decide the development of the story. The film was recored during Nordic Game Jam where over 300 participants compete on developing the most inovative game on just 48 hours. Join in the interactive screening this Thursday 6 March, Salong4, Barbro.

where dreams cross

Outdoor screening under the Liljeholms-bridge this Thursday evening 8:00pm

The art project Where Dreams Cross is back to Tempo with an unique outdoor screening! The project is built on to make film and videoart more accessible through the public space in unexpected places, this time by the Liljeholms-bridge next to Hornstull Strand. In the program there will be shown Invisible Picture Show, the documentary with different stories from young asylum-seekers that are locked up in different parts of the world. The film is even a part of this years Transmedia-section. To the screening outdoors there will be warm chocolate offered. Free entrance!

Todays Utopian– Anna Serner at Debaser Strand

After that Jenny Wilsson opened Todays Utopians yesterday it’s now time for Anna Serner the CEO of the Swedish Film Institute to share her utopian vision. Come and listen, hang and take a glas of wine in Debaser Strand.


You will find much more here at Thursday’s program! 

Pictures From Our Spectacular Opening!

Yesterday Tempo 2014 opened with a spectacular gala premiere of Karin Ekbergs A Separation at Folkoperan and then a after party at Marie Laveau. It was an amazing evening with lots of great people and a very much appreciated film. A Separation is also screened at sunday March 9.

Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate with us. Now we look forward to five days full of documentaries of all kinds!

A special thanks to our friends and sponsors Linn Söderström, Märtas chokladfabrik, Emelie Ritzman, Djurgårdens ridskola, Astrid Minten Michélsen, Gunbritt, Buchessa, Sara Parkman, OHYRA dans, Enjoy Wine, Froosh, Personalen på Folkoperan, Mediatec, Per Sinding Larsen m.fl.

Last Minute-Tips on the Festival!

The festival will open during the Tuesday. Are you still unsure on what you would like to watch? Don’t worry! Here are some last-minute tips on films that there are tickets available to!




Under the title Top Docs we show the big successes from the big festivals from all around the world. You’ll for example find the film Blood, a bit strange and humorous film about a blood-bank bus that drives around the Russian rural landscape. For many of these inhabitants giving blood is the only way of making money.

You’ll also find the feel good-documentary The Optimists about the senior female volleyball team where the woman are around 66 to 98 years old. The film had standing ovations when it was screened at Gothenburg International Film Festival and is a joyful gem.

Oscar winner! 

Twenty Feet From Stardom, that this Sunday won Oscar for Best Documentary Feature will be screened this Saturday at 6:00pm in Victoria. The story follows the background-singers to some of the greatest artistis from the 20th century. A film about what it means to be in the shadows of stardom.


My Love Awaits Me by the Sea

Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award

In our International competition Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award we show some of the last years best international documentaries. In this section you shouldn’t miss the wonderful My Love Awaits Me By The Sea, a love dedication to a homeland that does not exist. The director builds a bridge through poetry and illustrations between the imaginary of Palestina and the real.

Another recommendation is Everyday Rebellion, an insightful film about urgency that is shown up by the people who stand against power, either openly or in the shadows.

Jon Bang Carlsens shows us in his controversial Just The Right Amount of Violence the portrayal of exposed teenagers in the wealthier parts of Los Angeles. The film has already been a festival-buzz through out the festivals all over the world. Also don’t miss the film Salma by the acclaimed director Kim Longinotto which shows us the story about the now famous poet with the same name who’s poetry was smuggled out to the world when she was locked and forced onto an arranged relationship. The film shows us how she struggles with her painful past.

Don’t also miss the Oscar nominated The Missing Picture! Rithy Panhs personal film about growing up in the Red Khmers Cambodia.

Lgh+bil+allt jag har och äger
Tempo Documentary Award

In the competition for best Swedish Documentary film you’ll find Clara Bodéns fantastical and poetical Apt+Car+All I Have and Own. A case study where the director wants to talk about the expectations around them growing up in the rural Sweden and about the urban norms.

In Angered United we get to met the female football team with the same name. All the players are 2nd generation immigrants and meet twice as much of resistance from both their own families that doesn’t accept them playing football and from the Swedish football-world where referees and opposing teams that deem the girls for being suburban gangsters.




Tempo pre-inaugurates with Hi-Tempo!

Foto: Katriina Mäkinen

One day before the official opening of Tempo Documentary Festival the festival had its pre-opening with the hackaton Hi-Tempo! During 48 hours a team of hackers will work with two different film projects: “Imaginary Country” by Angela Bravo and a project about drones by David Herdius and Georg Götmarks. The goal is to from the directors vision create an transmedia-part to the projects.

Hi-Tempo is a part of the Tempo Documentary Festival focus on transmedia and is created in collaboration with Filmregion Stockholm Mälardalen.

Read more about the Hackathon here!

pictures by: Katriina Mäkinen

Film and Party at Tuesday’s Inauguration!

Tuesday the 4th of March is the evening that Tempo Documentary Festival will have it’s inauguration for the 15th time! The evening will begin with the gala premiere of Karin Ekbergs A Separation at Folkoperan and after the screening the party will move on to Marie Laveau with free entrance for everyone! The DJ’s for the evening are Per Sinding Larsen and Ametist Azordegan and the performance-group OHYRA Danskompani will offer an Utopian experience! The bar will have Happy Hour-prices all night long!

Warmly welcome to celebrate the beginning of this years best documentary party! 




Don’t forget your festival benefits!

You haven’t missed our fantastic festival benefits that are available for you in collaboration with our partners? With your membership card you’ll get good prices here:

Debaser Strand
Debaser Strand is the central heart for all festival activity this year! They will offer you great festival prices at the bar during all festival days on showing of your membership card!

Marie Laveau
At Marie Laveau you’ll always get Happy Hour prices during the entire evening and all festival days. Just show your membership card!

Scandic Malmen
If you show your membership card at the hotel bar in Scandic Malmen you’ll get 20% on all food during the festival days!




Tempo the first festival with digital audio description

For the first time in Sweden, digital audio description will be able and offered through iPhone or iPad during a film screening for the audience. The film I See You about the impaired teenager girl Rena will be the first film to be audio described digital. The film will have its premiere during Tempo and is competing at the Tempo Documentary Award.

-We are really happy as the first festival in Sweden to be able to offer this service. It is an important step in to making film more accessible for everybody says Agneta Mogren, Tempo’s festival director.

The audio description of the film will be streamed digital and all that the visitors need to access this service is to download the app for their iPhone or iPad and a pair of headphones. Read more on how the app works here.

The screening is a collaboration between Tempo Documentary Festival, Mantaray Film and The Swedish Film Institute.

See the screening hours for the film here


See hyped film projects before everyone else

During our work in progress day on March 5 at Bio Rio you can see renowned film projects before everyone else. One ticket gives you access to six hyped documentary film projects. Get a unique glimpse in to the editing rooms of some of Sweden’s most interesting documentary filmmakers. Fredrik Gertten, Alexandra Dahlström and Frida Kempff among others will let you take part of their creative processes.

Read more about the projects and buy tickets


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