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Longinotto – a festival must see!

Nobody can have missed that Kim Longinotto is visiting Tempo and spreading her star power over the festival. The interest for her masterclass is extremely high and now the tickets for her latest film Salma film is starting to sell out as well. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet on of the masters in documentary cinema and see her capturing portrait of fascinating poet Salma.

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About the film:
Acclaimed director Kim Longinotto examines the tragic, shocking and astonishing life of Salma, famous Tamil poet and victim of merciless fundamentalism. When she was a girl living in a small Indian village Salma’s family imprisoned her for more than two decades and forced her into a unwanted marriage. Finding solace in words and the freedom of her imagination, Salma began writing poems and smuggled them out into a world that she herself couldn’t enter. Now free, Longinotto follows the courageous poet as Salma struggles to come to terms with her tormented past and the people who were complicit in it in a film that’s brimming with sadness and bravery.

Oscar nominees at Tempo

The second of March is the night of the Oscars and the gala’s 86de edition. Two of the films nominated to the film industries most prestigious award is represented in Tempo’s program!

The Missing Pitcure
Rithy Panh’s personal essay about his childhood in the Red Khmers’ Cambodia is nominated for best foreign language film. See it Saturday the 8th at 4pm at Victoria.

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Twenty Feet from Stardom
The film that puts the spotlight on the backup singers for some of modern music history’s most famous artists is in the limelight also at the Oscars. The film is nominated for best documentary and will have it’s Swedish premier at Tempo. See it Saturday the 8th at 6pm at Victoria.

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Be a part of our new Hackathon!

Tempo Documentary Festival teams up with Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen to launch a hackathon and invites you to be part of this exciting first edition. During 48 hours on March 3-4 we will try to stretch and bend every rule about documentary film storytelling. Can we expand the story? Can we get people to participate in it? Using what methods? Platforms?

During this challenging process we will be carefully guided by the people at Protothon, who will ensure that we stay safe and happy as we dive into uncharted territory.

Now we want to know what you can bring to these stories and the way that they are told. Programmer, designer, engineer, writer/director, what ever your background we look forward to hearing from you!

Please apply to: transmedia@tempofestival.se

With short bio
Professional background
What you hope to achieve ( explore?) with Hi-Tempo
Dietary requirements

Read more about the hackathon and the film projects here.


Welcome to our brand new web page!

The entire program for Tempo Documentary Festival March 4-9 2014 is now released! Feel free to browse our brand new web page and find your personal favourites. Also take a minute to watch our festival trailer above.

Welcome to this years documentary celebration!



Come celebrate the release of our program!

Wednesday February 5,  17.30-01.00
Debaser Strand, Bar Brooklyn.
Docu quiz at 18.30

Check out this years trailer, get a copy of our bran new program and win nice festival prices during the nights docu quiz!

Stockholm’s Film Quiz invites you to a documentary quiz with classics and newcomers from the wonderful world of documentary film. Maximum four persons are allowed per team. The quiz starts at 18.30.

In the beginning of the night we offer free beer and wine. The bar is open until 01. Bring your friends and come!

Capture your Utopia and win a festival package

Take part in our Utopia competition on Instagram!

The theme for the next festival is Utopia. We are curios about how your utopia look like? Capture your utopia in a picture, post it on instagram and tag it #tempoutopia before the 28th of February. The winner receives a festival package (Tempo membership + 3 tickets for a value of SEK 225). 

And the nominees are…

Nominated films in Tempo Documentary Award:

Angered United by Thomas Reckmann
A Separation by Karin Ekberg
Freak Out by Carl Javér
Hästmannen – sista striden by Peter Gerdehag och Tell Aulin
I See you by Sylvelin Måkestad
I Stop Time by Gunilla Bresky
Apt + Car + all I have and Own by Clara Bodén
Time Moves by Rainer Hartleb
Vive La France by Titti Johnson och Helgi Felixson

The winner of Tempo Documentary Award receives SEK75000. The price is presented in co-operation with The Swedish Film Institute and The City of Stockholm.

Nominated films in Tempo Short Award:

Bil. Bomb. Brand. Borta. by Klara Levin
Dawn in a city without name by Knutte Wester
Embryo by Emma Thorsander
Helgad vare denna plats by Carl Olsson
Jag vill se by Erik Bäfving
Karin och kuratorn by Monika Andreae
On the Top of Your Gaze by Joanna Rytel
Räknar dagar, räknar år aby Monne Lindström
Utan titel by Leontine Arvidsson

The winner of Tempo Short Award receives SEK 25000 . Tempo Short Award is presented in co-operation withThe Swedish Film Institute and Film region Stockholm/Mälardalen.

Nominated films in New Doc:

2011-12-30 by Leontine Arvidsson
Bita ihop by Sophia Josephson and Emma Thorsander
Independence Day by Niklas Zachrisson
Männen från Vidsel by Sven Blume
Nseyeya by Manolo Diaz Rämö
Seat 26D by Karolina Brobäck
Still Born by Åsa Sandzén
Trädet och skyn by Ellinor Hallin
Årsringar by Ida Lindgren

New Doc is rewarded an promising upcoming documentary filmmaker. The price is SEK 50000 of which SEK 25000 is  in technical support from Filmbasen/Film Stockholm.

Oscar nominees at Tempo!

Two of the films in Tempo’s program just got  nominated for an Oscar!

The Missing Picture – for best foreign language film
The Missing Picture by Rithy Panh competed in Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award. Inimitable director Rithy Panh continues to examine the horrors of Pol Pot’s reign of terror and the mark it left on the people who managed to survive the killing fields of Cambodia. Panh is himself one of those who endured the genocidal madness of the Khmer Rouge, he was a teenager when the communists seized power in 1975. The Missing Picture is his personal testament to that strange, terrible and unforgettable time, bringing his memories to life with inventive clay figurines and powerful, subdued narration.

Watch the trailer of The Missing Picture

20 Feet From Stardom – for best documentary film
Millions of people have heard their voices but no one know their names. Twenty Feet from Stardom casts light over the backup singers to some of the 21st century’s greatest artists. It is a tribute to those who have built a career by harmonizing with others; a depiction of conflicts, sacrifices and rewards. We get to take part of many stories about what it means to spend life in the shadow of fame

Watch the trailer of 20 Feet From Stardom

Utopias and seperations on this years Tempo!

A Separation opens Tempo Documentary Festival!

We are honored to announce that A Separation by Karin Ekberg is the opening film for this years festival. A Separation is a honest and tragicomic story about the directors own parents divorce. Karin Ekberg has made a strong debut film that manage to capture the private as well as the universal. A brave documentary with both humor and warmth about the complexities of life.

– Four years ago i did not know that A Separation would be a film. The only thing I wanted was to capture the year that my parents split up from each other after 38 years of marriage. I’m very proud to be opening Tempo Documentary Festival and for the unique chance that this means for the film to reach an audience, says director Karin Ekberg.

Watch the trailer here!

The festival opens the 4th of March!

Utopia is the theme of the festival

The theme at the 15th anniversary of Tempo Documentary Festival is Utopia! Tempo focuses on the utopias and visions of today with a number of films on the subject and exiting guests. We want to inspire to new ideas and underline the need of utopias in todays society.

Here are som of the films on the theme Utopia:
Freak Out by Carl Javér – In the fall of 1900, five middle-class youngsters bought a hill in the impoverished southern region of Switzerland. They had had enough of the consumer society they grew up in and decided to create a different society. A society based on veganism, feminism, pacifism and free love

Watch the trailer of Freak Out

Everyday Rebellion by The Riahi Brothers – Going around the world covering protests and demonstrations the Riahi Brothers shows us the interconnected world of nonviolent resistance, from Iran to Egypt, Spain to the United States. Propelled by their collective creativity, determination and the hope for a better future the protesters stand up to the pressure and repression that’s administered from the top.

Watch the trailer of Everyday Rebellion

Sepideh – Reaching for the Stars by Berit Madsen – Gazing up at the stars Sepideh, a teenage girl living in a small Iranian village, dreams of becoming an astronaut. It’s a dream that doesn’t conform to her patriarchal surroundings – something her conservative uncle is keen to remind her of…

Watch the trailer of Sepideh – Reaching for the Stars

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