11th of March at Tempo Documentary Festival!

The festival is now entering a busy weekend at all the festival venues and places. Among other Noncitizen continues today with it’s seminars and dinner while Where Dreams Cross holds the festival’s second outdoor viewing.

Friday at Tempo Documentary Festival offers open mic nights in New Orleans and a screening of boxing documentary Golden Girl at BK Örnen! Below are more festival recommendations:

Thru You Princess
Ido Haars film Thru You Princess follows Samantha Montgomery as a nurse. When darkness falls, she is transformed into the soul artist Princess Shaw who post clips on YouTube and frequents New Orleans open mic evenings hoping to break through.
Begins 19.50 at Victoria 4


In Pursuit of a Better Life
In Caroline Kernen and Tova Kurkiala Medbos strong debut film In search of a better life, we meet three women who have come to Sweden to give their families in Romania a better life. The directors will attend the screening!
Begins 18.00 at Filmstaden Söder 10


Noncitizen – Filmare i exil
Noncitizen goes into its second day and will end with a grand dinner at Dramalabbet. Take the opportunity to RSVP a spot now to take part of the dinner.
Begins 10.00 to 18.00 before the dinner begins. At Dramalabbet



Special screening of Golden Girl
We invite you to a sweaty tour of Susanna Edwards latest film Golden Girl at BK Örnen, one of Stockholm’s most distinguished boxing clubs. It was at BK Örnen that the world champion Frida Wallberg had many rounds before the title game at Waterfront Arena. Come and experience for yourself the noble defense art in a movie about one of the foremost Swedish pro boxers of all time.
Begins 20.00 at BK Örnen



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