Welcome to the largest doc fest in Sweden!

Seven days with over 100 creative documentaries from all over the world, seminars and masterclasses, audio documentaries, transmedia, photo exhibitions, competitions, cocktails and parties in an inspiring atmosphere.

Join us at the largest doc fest in Sweden March 6 – 12 2017!

Tempo Documentary Festival almost over for this year!

Sweden’s largest documentary festival is now a few hours from ending another great year. The festival would like to thank all it’s great public, the volunteers, partners, friends and many more for making Swedens largest documentary festival even better. For the nostalgic one, you could se the pictures from the week here. 

  • Tempo Doc Fest!
  • Tempo 2016 at it’s end
Filmare i exil_mohammed_al-saud

Filmmakers in exile – two days with Noncitizen Edit

Film screenings, seminars and workshops - the film and culture project Noncitizen is back and invites you this year to two full days. Focus is power linked to images, storytelling and contemporary depictions based on the question - who gets to portray what? Read more here!
Black Panthers

Film and breakfast with the Black panthers! Edit

This years film and breakfast at Bio Rio is connected to the film The Black Panthers : Vanguard of the Revolution! Enjoy a breakfast and get an insight to into the movement that still is very up-to-date. After the screening there will be held a discussion on black empowerment by the organization Black Coffee. Read more about the event here!
Waiting for B

Tempo focuses on dance films! Edit

This year's festival has invested more in the documentary dance films! Among the many titles shown on Swedish critically acclaimed Martha & Niki and the film Rough Stage about the young Palestinian Maher who dreams of creating a modern dance performance at the Cultural Center in Ramallahs. Moreover, the festival organizes a Danceoke in connection with the documentary film about Beyonce's concert in Brazi ! Read more about the dance films here!
Foto: Katriina Mäkinen

Festival pictures! Edit

Don't miss to take a look at all the festival pictures and it's highlights from Tempo Documentary Festival 2016. Everything from the opening, events, Tempo Pitch to some of the Q&As. Find the pictures here.

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