If you enjoyed Homeland you might recognize the surroundings in Ruina, the place where Nicholas Brody hides after escaping from the US. In central Caracas, a 200-meter high abandoned bank became a refuge for 750 Venezuelan families. David Confinanzas tower was abandoned after the global economic crisis in the 90s. Today, it is the largest occupied house in the world. Currently, 3000 citizens live there. The inhabitants have built a socialist society with their own system and laws. They live in the shadow of the government. The film looks at both the achievements and difficulties in building a society from scratch.

Screened with the collaboration of Goethe-Institut Schweden

After Tuesday’s screening on ArkDes, there will be a panel discussion together with Markus Lenz, moderated by ArkDes program director Sandra Nolgren. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch this film and visit the photography exhibition Constructing Worlds at the same venue where the films building Torre David is presented.