Jenny Wilson in unique collaboration with Tempo!

Tempocity is a unique collaboration with the music artist Jenny Wilson and the film director Senay Berhe & The Apartment – but also a cinematic experience created by the city’s residents . Everybody can contribute to the film by tagging a video with #tempocity on Instagram before 1 MarchRead more here. 

Kiki to inaugurate the 17th edition of Tempo Documentary Festival!

Directed by Sara Jordenö the film offers a daring insight into a subculture created by LGBTQ youth of color in New York, who are demanding happiness and political power. Read more about the film here. 

Welcome back to the largest doc fest in Sweden!

Tempo Documentary Festival is the largest doc fest in Sweden presenting over 100 creative documentary films, audio docs and transmedia projects every year. We welcome YOU to the 17th edition of the festival the March 7- 13 2016!

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  • Kiki to open Tempo 2016!
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