Welcome back to the largest doc fest in Sweden!

Tempo Documentary Festival is the largest doc fest in Sweden presenting over 100 creative documentary films, audio docs and transmedia projects every year. We welcome YOU to the 16th edition of the festival the 2-8th of March 2015!

Come celebrate our 15th anniversary!

It all started with a crazy idea. Thanks to visions and hard work the first documentary festival in Sweden was founded and became an instant success. What better way to celebrate our 15th anniversary than with a tribute to documentaries in all its shapes and forms. This year Tempo is back with a bigger and stronger program than ever with the best documentaries from all over the world.

A guide to the festival

This years theme is Utopia

We ask ourselves where today’s visions, dreams and utopias are, because we believe that these are necessary in the development of a society. Through inviting several thrilling visionaries we want to inspire you to new visions! Everyday at Debaser Strand you get to meet among others Jenny Wilson and Anna Serner who shares their dreams and utopias.


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  • Welcome back to the largest doc fest in Sweden!
  • Tempo 15 years!
  • Festival theme: Utopia

The big success, The Optimists!

The film The Optimists is the feel-good film that got standing ovations when it was screened at The Gothenburg Film Festival. We are delighted to show this film that gives us an insight on how it is to age, about the challenges of life, joy and friendship.

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Freak Out

The best swedish documentaries

Tempo Documentary Award is our competition for best swedish documentary film. Here you’ll find the brightest shining stars on the swedish documentary sky!

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The Real Life

More music & arts!

Watch the best music and arts documentaries around! We have expanded the section Music & Arts and this year it consists of nine films about everything from Ingmar Bergman to the underground rap scene in Cuba.

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The Cosmic Top Secret Experience

New section: Transmedia

This year Tempo is introducing a new transmedia section. Transmedia projects are crossing over several platforms, and often lets the spectator interact with the story.

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